Sunday, September 04, 2005

Make that 11 Most Dangerous Intersections

This sign is posted at the garage. I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but someone wrote 45th Str. and Vernon Blvd. at the top. I think they were trying to be funny by writing the location of the garage, except the garage is located on 45th AVENUE and Vernon Blvd. You'd think a cab driver would know the difference.

Meanwhile, I'd like to add a most dangerous intersection of my own: Ainslie Street and Union Avenue in Brooklyn. Specifically, the location of the restaurant Dumont. This is where I had my birthday dinner on Thursday night. The place was packed and our waitress suggested we order an appetizer because the kitchen was backed up, so we got the scallops. Then we waited another hour for our mediocre dinners. Exactly 24 hours later (I don't know why it took that long, but it did), all four of us were struck with ultra-violent food poisoning. I won't go into details, because I'm sure you can imagine it well enough, but suffice to say it was worse than the food poisoning I got from the veggie wrap I bought at JFK's Jet Blue terminal last year. I am finally just recovering this afternoon, though I wouldn't exactly call myself "well" yet. I am happy, however, to call myself "not puking my guts up anymore."

Needless to say, I will not be visiting that intersection again anytime soon.


girlbomb said...

Well, birthday love from your friend over here on the ultra deadly 14th Street strip.

sbreck said...

hmm, I actually love Dumont. but I don't think I've ever gotten anything but the Yardbird (roasted half chicken, it is so damned good).

also, 45 injuries at 14th and 3rd? I lived there for five years and never saw anything like that.

anyway, love your blog and pictures...

M.P. said...

I've loved Dumont for a long while, especially their burgers. I don't want anyone to think badly of the place. Their food is usually quite good, so I think this may have been an unusual problem for them. Seafood can be dangerous in the best of restaurants. And I do intend to eventually resume my relationship with Dumont, but I'll probably just stick with the burgers from now on.

I don't doubt the veracity of the injuries/fatalities list, though it is actually pretty outdated. I imagine there have been more problems at each of those intersections since the list was created. Most of the accidents I've seen involving pedestrians have been along 3rd Ave, and that intersection at 14th, though not the hardest to maneuver through, is certainly no piece of cake either. Be careful!

growler said...

33 and Park isn't so bad ever since they closed it off so you can't rake 33 across Park.

I'm surprised 23 and B'way/Fifth isn't there. I nearly got run over once.

Anonymous said...

amazing blog you keep me laughing long into the boring nights