Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stars fell on Alabama

It's getting down to the wire with the book. I'm almost there. Just a few more tweaks to the last chapter and then I only have to spend the next few months plagued with self-doubt and insecure thoughts about how much it probably truly sucks. Oh, and it turns out Villard doesn't love "New York Hack" as the title... Don't really know what to do about that for now since I haven't been able to think of a non-suckass alternative.

In the meantime, while I continue to procrastinate getting back in the cab, I've found myself driving around the city here and there in a friend's car. (I got rid of my Buick a month ago. Junked it and even made $25 off the transaction!) But, what I've realized is that, even though people hate you and drive against you when you're behind the wheel of a yellow cab, you still at least get a little bit of respect. The car I've been driving lately is quite possibly the least respected car on the road: a white Volvo station wagon with motherfucking ALABAMA license plates. Shit, I don't even respect myself when I'm driving that thing. It's just embarrassing.

The worst part is, my sensibilities and ego are so offended by the other dickhead drivers, mainly because I know they think I'm some hick driver from down south. I have never been cut off more in my life than I have been in this goddamn car. And now I understand why out-of-towners say New York drivers are assholes. Because it's true, WE ARE ASSHOLES. I would probably even cut myself off if I was behind me in this car. If that makes any sense.

But aside from the unfortunate vehicle, for the past few days I've had zero tolerance for being in a car at all, regardless of whether I'm driving or passengering. This is because I have finally gone ahead and quit smoking. It's been fairly easy so far and, surprisingly enough, I've actually been feeling pretty mellow and spaced out...except when I'm in a car. Then, all of sudden, it feels like I'm at war with the world, everyone is an enemy -- or just frustratingly stupid -- and I lose my shit entirely. It's a pretty ugly scene. So my plan for now is to just take the subway everywhere until the war ends and hope that I'll be able to eventually get back to work without feeling tempted to smoke my stupid brains out.

Or maybe I should just give up the cab for good and drive down to Alabama where I clearly belong.


FlatStan said...

Few book title suggestions for you.
"My Fare Lady"
"The Fare Lady"
"The Lady and the Fare"
"Fare & Justice" or anything with the work with "FARE".

I'm half joking about the titles but I would really like to see you use "Fare" to piss off Bud, a hack from san fran who wrote a book. Bud is giving a lady hack from Oregon some crap for using "Fare" in her blog title.

Rich - aka Professor McNutt said...

Must be the way us Texans feel when we see an Oklahoma plate. Slow down, speed up, just get out of there...

Miss you M.P.! Thanks for checking in with us. We're still here and can't wait for the book.

Sam said...

What about something referring to the obstacles on the road (i.e. "Red Light" or something of that nature)?

alb1154 said...

Nice to see you again. Been missing your entries. I'm sure the book will be a massive hit. Try not to be too much like George Costanza when it comes to success ;)

John said...

The taxi driver in Dublin called his book "tales in a rear view mirror".
Perhaps you should take up hairdressing then you could talk behind peoples backs for a change.Welcome to 2007 and Welcome back

Kurt4433 said...

I've missed your posts. I like the title "New York Hack", it identifies YOU with your blog. I wish you success with your smoking cessation.

Green said...

Mazel tov on quitting smoking. Your Alabama car could only be more lame if it had a "My Child Is On the Honor Roll" bumper sticker on it.

Anonymous said...

They don't like "New York Hack"? Odd, because it is so obviously appropriate on at least two levels.

Andrea said...

Hey MP,
How about "Posting My Fare" , sounds like a workable title. But you're the author so anything you decide on is a go. Can't wait for the book. As far as driving a vehicle with Alabama plates on it you must really be suffering from lack of nicotine. At least you quit, more than I can say for myself. Glad to hear that you are so close to bringing all your travels to us in your book. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're still there! Everyday when I go to work in NYC, I think of you driving your cab...and then remember that you've retired at least for the time being. Hope the writing is going well.

NIcole said...

Good for you for quitting smoking! I hope your "road rage" doesn't turn into "subway rage" when you get on the trains though. I am always a little freaked out by angry people on the subways...

As far as the Alabama plates go, it sounds like all you need to complete the look is one of those bright yellow "Student Driver" bumper stickers!

And good luck with finishing up the book! I am looking forward to it, whatever the title ends up being.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for feeding the stereotype that all of us alabamians have as stupid hicks.

wil said...

As Mark Twain once said, "Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it a thousand times."

Thanks for the update and I think New York Hack is still the best way to go.

Let me know when you make it to Mau'i.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work on smoking its worth the effort. I know I quit and not an easy task

Anonymous said...

Finnaly got a new entry. Missed you so much.

Gald to hear your finishing up the book.

Will do make electronic revision of your book and post it to the blog? Thus fans from areas where your book is not available can read it. But, even myself think it is unrealistic. The book is supposed to making a lot of money.

I think will not be able get a glance of you book. Oh! What a heat broken.

Anonymous said...

Quit smoking. Its an accomplishment if you can do it.

Anonymous said...

How about "New York I Can't Hack"
That is the real description.....

Anonymous said...

Why must people continue to dismiss all Southern people as hicks and yokels. I am not from Alabama but I lived there for many years and it is a beautiful state with many intelligent and friendly people. Don't fall into the trap of dismissing people because of geography, and get to know a place before you start running it down.

catkins said...

"Driving New York"
or "Why we Drive that way"?

Anonymous said...

How about "New York- I Thought I was A Hack, But not really"

I think that's more your story.

Not Mad Just Disappointed said...

You're writing a book? ...oh yeah I almost forgot why you abandoned this blog. Understandably there will be posters that feel it is necessary to defend you and write that the purpose of this blog is not to entertain me or ensure that there are constant entries for my entertainment. To rebut ahead of time...don't promote your book then MP. *moves on down RSS list*

Anonymous said...

She didn't say Alabamians are hicks, she said that that's how NYC drivers react when seeing an out of state plate in front of them - especially from the South (who definitely drive slower).

I'm a Brooklyn driver with PA plates and I know they're even thinking the same about me, until I cut them off ;)

Anonymous said...

PLEASE ... DO NOT, I repeat, PLEASE DON'T ... come South ... there are enough of you here already!

Anonymous said...

"...when I'm in a car ... all of sudden, it feels like I'm at war with the world, everyone is an enemy -- or just frustratingly stupid -- and I lose my shit entirely."

Hey, I feel that way behind the wheel and I've never smoked in my life. Maybe I should start.

Joann said...

Did he give a reason why "New York Hack" would not be a good title. Tell 'em it is already your identity. Could it be legal problem? Hope you do give blogger some credit. It would even be a fine title for the movie. Good Luck, Taxi Lady Joann

Pat T Hat said...

Ha! As a Hick driver from the south I know exactly what you mean!
Kentucky plates get no respect either till we reach for the gun rack! It's amazing how polite some folks get when you insist.

Congradulations on your stop smoking endeavor. Hang in there and cheer youself yourself a little treat...maybe a gun rack!

Stop sweating the book, it'll be great! Tell those stupid bastards to shut up, it's your book and besides how would a stupid hick like me know what to look for if New York Hack wasn't the title.

Thanks for sharing, till next time,Pat

Drunken Master said...

I think the US could be split into two countries, North and South, given how different the culture is in the two places.

Drunken Master said...

I think the US could be split into two countries, North and South, given how different the culture is in the two places.

Keith said...

Melissa, re the Volvo with Alabama plates... Borrow someones small child and breast feed at the wheel. Complete the picture.

As for the book title, why not hrow it open to your hoards of readers to come up with a title and credit the winner in your book. I just hope I can buy it in the UK. Yo'm a good un.

KP said...

Wow, I see some of your readers can't see when you've got your tongue planted in your cheek MP. I thought the Alabama comment funny, just like I find it amusing when a Brummy calls me a Yam Yam (and there's only 8 miles distance between "we" and them thick "Brummies"). KP

Anonymous said...

Got to have "New YOrk Hack" in there. How about something like, "New York Hack: the Big Apple Through the Eyes of a Cabbie"?

It isn't so much that other people are hicks, but we are in hurry. Where as the rest of the world measures days and months with a calender, New Yorkers use a stopwatch. Here is where you get the phrase "A New York Minute" or "I need this Yesterday". :)

jmcd said...

Melissa maybe we could have a contest at the garage to come up with a title for the book. How is your movie at MOMA doing. I smell Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lissa.
Good that you quit smoking. I quit once and ended up having to sell my Uzi too. Crap !
Post your address and I'll send you a NASCAR bumbersticker and a sixpack of Bud. Yahoo Be well Drive fast M

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Lissa,
All you need for that car is a Nascar sticker and a sixpack to go.

Great that you quit smoking. But don't let the moodiness get to you. Hell,
When I quit I had to sell my Uzi. Dang!

Be Well and Drive Fast

Anonymous said...

You'll need a NASCAR sticker and a sixpack of Bud for that car of yours.

Good that you quit smoking. Thanks for that.


MrFunkMD said...

I dont like "NYH" as a book title either. I think it works great for the blog but just eh for the book imo.

W/o knowing what the book is about exactly makes it hard to suggest titles. Biographical? Fiction? Short stories?

I actually like "My Fare Lady" that was suggested but I would imagine there would be copyright issues down that path.

Anonymous said...

You probably rejected this one already... "Hacking It"

Anonymous said...

Title ideas: "Crosstown Traffic" or "Thru Streets" or "Good Fares and Dickheads"?

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea for a title.

(In your own words from an August 2005 blog...)

"Waiting for the day drivers to bring the cabs back"...diaries of a New York Hack.

kinda tells it all:
(could even add gender)

Anonymous said...

Have always, always liked your blog but this Bitch fest of yours was too much. Lets see if I got this right. You have no car. A friend LENDS you a car and you are bitching to hi heaven becasue your friend or at least his car is from Alabama? I have never been to Alabama but from the sounds of your complaint they have a lot nicer people there then in New York.

Anonymous said...

damn...people, this is like when my dad offered my boyfriend band name suggestions...ugh..

new york hack is who you are, i will be able to find it in a store, screw the admin. who they think they are?

"alabamians"??? shit. you are a hick if you call yourself that..

glucks friend with the quittage.

i'll be watching for your tome at 'borders'. (australia)

Anonymous said...

VOLVO??...from ALABAMA???

You're making this up, right???

uncleRoy said...

Okay it's not the best, but the first thing that occurred to me when I read about your title conundrum was Betty Garrett in "On the Town" saying "A lady cabdriver?! How revolting!" But I don't know how that translates into a title.

On another note, the film with Tilda Swinton is finally out and showing on the MoMA ... see if this doesn't get filtered out.

upstatebs said...

When I was frustratingly stupid and addicted to my self-doubt and insecure thoughts, I examined my sensibilities and ego and realized I had zero tolerance. I'm an asshole and I still smoke.

meg said...

A book is just the beginning! "Coming soon to theaters near you, 2008's most anticipated independent film: HACK!"

Randall said...

Glad to here your as fiesty as ever.I enjoy a cigar once in awhile.Like every week, more when on vacation. Ten years ago I gave
up drinking and it worked.So you can do it,But if its going to make
you a total bitch I say keep smokin. We want you bitch'in but not a bitch.That lines from Donnie
Darko.The line goes "your not a bitch but your Bitch'in".We like your prose.

Anonymous said...

Melisa, you can stop worrying about "how much it truly sucks" when it comes to your book. It really is up to the buyers of the book to make that determination for them selves. You did your best, and based on the popularity of your blog, I would venture to say it will be more appricated than not. I enjoyed your blog, not as much for the subject material, but for your perspective, and how you described the events. I was reading you, more than reading the events you were experiencing. I feel many of your readers were doing the same. Yes the topic's were interesting, but your personality, and discription, was what held my interest. The best of luck to you now, and in the future.

Anonymous said...

what's more with nowadays so called writers. Can they use a bool title just because it is more popular or eyes-catching even if it have anything to do with the contect/subject of the book?

My opinion: use a title can best summary the content of the book. I think that's the way which is fair to readers

Stacy said...

I've read this blog religiously for months, and I can't wait for your book to come out -- I know it will be great.

I hate to be a downer, but I just wanted to let you know I thought your comments about Alabama were really hateful. Am I from there? Nope. But I'm from another Southern state, one whose plates I'm sure you'd react to in much the same way. We're not all "hicks," and we're not all bad drivers.

I think your point mainly was how NYC drivers react to way out-of-state plates, and yeah, we all do that. A New York plate where I'm from is sure to provoke some eye rolls, right or wrong. But an eyeroll is mighty different from maligning an entire group of people, and I hope you'll choose your words more carefully next time so I can read your blog and come away entertained and inspired, not offended and disgusted.

vballfan said...

Here's a suggestion for a title and subtitle:

Navigating NYC
Observations from a Female Cab Driver

...not sure about including the female tag - I just thought that I like reading your blog as it has an interesting perspective and maybe it's because you are a female doing a predominately male job??

Good luck to you and I am looking forward to the book.

vballfan said...

Suggestion for a title/subtitle:

Navigating NYC
Observations from a Female Cab Driver

...tried posting - not sure it went thru. Good luck to you and I am looking forward to your book.

george the atheist said...

"New York Hick"

mmmmWaffles said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now. However, after this post, I just lost interest. Yes, I'm from Alabama. Some of us love New York and do not buy into the stereotype that New Yorkers are rude or in the mafia or other ridiculous summations. I really don't appreciate the fact that just the idea that someone might think you are from Alabama is an embarrassment to you. In that case, you don't need me reading you. Best of luck with the book and with quitting smoking. Goodbye.

Mara said...

How about:
"All Is Fare: Tales Of A New York Hack"

The book's going to be awesome, and so will the title. Can't wait to see it!


maggiev77 said...

Wow - I haven't been to this site in a while. I started reading it way back when it first began and thought it was a hoot. I'm a native New Yorker and felt right at home with Melissa's blog and photos of NYC (and the NJ assholes, who are the worst drivers, among many) from the inside of her cab.

The last time I read the blog was when MP was in California; there was talk about her writing a book.
I thought that was great! Aside from police, firefighters, or EMT workers, who better to give a birdseye view of what driving and dealing in NYC is like.

I got busy. I got laid off. I went back to school after many, many years. I forgot what a blog looked like. All I could do was go to school, study and sleep.

A year goes by. Now, I come back to catch up and readers are pissed off at her remarks about Alabama license plates (and people), are annoyed that she hasn't kept her blog up, are telling her how bored they are with the latest posts. Well people, get over it.

If you don't like the blog - B'bye

If you don't like references to other people from other places, you are too thin-skinned and of course, not a New Yorker. If you were, you would have had a snappy comeback instead of a sappy
boo-hoo reply because you're from Alabama.

As a writer, I can tell you it takes a tremendous amount of time, effort and brain power to write a book. Rather than bitch at her because she isn't blogging every day, perhaps it's because she's doing something that she has contractually agreed to do. Could it be MPS is ........RESPONSIBLE??? Maybe she's having writer's block or dealing with people who don't like the title "New York Hack," although that's what drew them to the site to begin with.

Bravo, MP. Good luck with your book, get medical help if you can to quit smoking (that's what I did - I haven't smoked for 16 years) and hang in, you're almost done. They don't like your title?? How about "They're Not Waving at Me, It's A Fare: Tales of a New York Hack."

And as Sly sang in "Dance to the Music" - ALL THE SQUARES GO HOME!

Jake Allen said...

Jake Allen here from "Journeys of Abigail". Nice to see you are still posting. Might I suggest you use this podium to allow your fellow cab drivers the chance to put some of their creativity out there... poetry, short stories, their own anecdotes. You have a well known blog that shouldn't suffer a slow death. Good luck on the book. New York Hack is the name that will sell it. Don't fix it if it isn't broken.

Randall said...

George the Atheist, you crack me up

Anonymous said...

"The Lady and the Fare" is my favorite!!

I'm also glad to hear that you might be getting back behind the wheel of a cab. Your post are always the most interesting to read and I will be purchasing your book!

Jaelithe said...

Tell the publishers this potential customer said to stuff it. New York Hack is an excellent title.

I tell you what, you can also tell them that if they go with New York Hack as a title, I will personally promote your book on my blog when it comes out. I'm a mommyblogger, or so I'm told. Trendy demographic, you know.

(Okay, so I'll promote your book regardless, and my blog has a readership of, like, 50, but you don't have to tell them either of those things ;) )

Anonymous said...

Pat T Hat said...

Ha! As a Hick driver from the south I know exactly what you mean!
Kentucky plates get no respect either till we reach for the gun rack! It's amazing how polite some folks get when you insist.

Couldn't agree more. My Kentucky plate will get me cut off everytime, but at least if I'm in my Jeep, I can make speedbumps out of the assholes. Much better than being in the girlfriend's Jersey car. NY drivers see that yellow plate and instantly put a bullseye on it.

And I'm proud to be a hick, thank you.

EverJack1 said...

Rofl! I can picture you driving the little Volvo around, and hoping no one recognizes you.

Hope you can quit smoking. I'm also trying to quit. Having to carry an oxygen bottle around would suck, and cigs cost so much more, now.

As for the book title...... It has to be New York Hack. Everyone knows it, and it will catch the eye immediately on the book stands.

It's good to 'read' you, again, Melissa. :o)


Anonymous said...

Nice to read your blog. please also read mine.

previously recorded said...

Hey maggiev77...just to rebut, you just posted a comment that was longer than all of MP's posts in the last three months. While I agree that it is extremely difficult to write a makes it much harder to sell if you desert your fans. The majority of people are empathetic towards those in difficult situations which is why MP should have at least posted a few comments about her status, even if there was no story. This would appease the fans and keep there interests peaked towards the release of the book. Sorry MP but you could have built the book up on this blog by at least posting once a week that you were still thinking of your fans, instead you dropped the ball and caused irreperable damage.

wil said...

Hey, previously recorded, if you are so goddamned upset, why don't you just quit coming back and making your dismal, asinine comments.

What a fucking anonymous loser you are. If you were ever a fan of NYH, you definitely were a fickle one.

She doesn't owe you, or anyone else, jackshit.

Sorry, MP, but the ass-hole pissed me off.

jen said...

i moved to brooklyn from boston last year and occasionally bring a car back from boston with MA plates and OMG. ny drivers are assholes. they think because i have out of state plates i have no idea where i'm going but i do. i completely sympathize and am happy to hear that someone can share my experience. ;)

Schbarb said...

Wow...Melissa seems to have some bodyguards (or bouncers) here. MaggieV77, maybe you should climb off your high horse and allow other people to have their opinions. Same with Wil, who seems to directly insult anyone he does not agree with; I'm not really sure how that is helpful to Melissa, but if it makes you happy, then roll around in it. Melissa should be happy people at least care enough to comment. I would be more worried if there were no comments at all, and she certainly doesn't need the two of you (MaggieV77 and Wil) trying to guilt trip or swear at people.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people always play the "There's nothing to be offended about, you're just overly sensitive" card whenever someone makes a prejudiced remark about another group of people? It's also all fine and good to claim that a New Yorker would have just had an awesome comeback for a response when it ISN'T New Yorkers being attacked here. If it were New Yorkers being insulted, I highly suspect that people would be pretty "snappy" alright, but not in the sense of the word that you intended. I've spent three weeks in New York, and I could say something about the New York temper, but I won't. I'll just say that it's not all clever comebacks and laughing it off when it comes to something that offends YOU guys. And you know what? Rightly so. Why should anyone be cool with anyone else offending them?

Prejudice is a VERY ugly thing, and Melissa HAD to know that she was putting an entire state full of people down when she said the things she did and she did it anyway. I'm not even from the United States and even I think that was wrong. You just DON'T make comments like that about people because it's NOT acceptable, it doesn't matter if you're a New Yorker or not. But if you do choose to make such nasty, pigheaded comments about an entire group of people, then prepare to suffer the consequences, which happens to be losing a few readers and getting a few back comments in this case.

That's hardly a slap on the wrist, and it's not as if Melissa actually cares anyway. She never answers the comments whether they're positive or negative and probably doesn't even read them, so why you feel the need to leap to her defence (especially when she happens to be in the wrong here) is beyond me.

You can tell Alabamans that they're over-sensitive until you're blue in the face, but they're right to stand up for their homeland when it's being trashed by outsiders. Being from the big city doesn't make you any better or any more worthy of respect than anyone in the other states. Everyone is worthy of respect, regardless of where they come from, so Melissa was wrong to say what she did about Alabamans. You don't like what they're saying to her, and they didn't like what she said about them, and they have as much right as you do to complain. I'm sorry, but Melissa completely brought this one onto herself.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Wil. What Previously Recorded said wasn't even that bad. I'm sure MP herself isn't half as bothered by that comment as you are. You need to calm down, man... for your own good! Do you even know MP? You sure defend and talk to her as if you do. If you don't even know her, I would think about that if I were you.

EverJack1 said...

First of all, I have an idea that Melissa does indeed read the comments when she has time.

Second of all, how does anyone know that she hasn't posted comments, herself? Anonymous can be anyone. ;o)


Chuck said...

here's your title, "Don't Fart In The Taxi"

Anonymous said...

People! Get a sense of humor. It looked to me like the only people she was really insulting were NYers. If she hated people from Alabama so much, why would someone from there lend her their car???

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dusty said...

"New York Hick" is *definitely* the most fitting title at this point. It's so you.

Anonymous said...

MP is an idiot. The new rules are that it is basically ok to make prejudice and ignorant comments about Christians and people from the south. If those people take any offense whatsoever then they are crybabies. I've been to New York on plenty of occasions. It isn't that great. They are just as ignorant as anyone else. Get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Prejudice \Prej"u*dice\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Prejudiced}; p.
pr. & vb. n. {Prejudicing}.] [Cf. F. pr['e]judicier. See
{Prejudice}, n.]
1. To cause to have prejudice; to prepossess with opinions
formed without due knowledge or examination; to bias the
mind of, by hasty and incorrect notions; to give an
unreasonable bent to, as to one side or the other of a
cause; as, to prejudice a critic or a juryman.
[1913 Webster]

blellen said...

I'm sure that most people have some pre-conceived notions about drivers with out-of-state plates. Give me a break with all of this prejudice stuff. Who freakin cares about the fact that Melissa made some comments about having Alabama plates. I'm sure if I drove down to Alabama with my New York plates people would have some unkind things to say- even if in jest. People, you really need to lighten up. Or maybe you should go talk to your therapist about how everyone in the world is unfair...

Anonymous said...


"I'm sure that most people have some pre-conceived notions about drivers with out-of-state plates."

And how exactly are you SURE what "most" people have pre-conceived notions about? What research have you done on the subject? You are speaking of that as if it's some sort of fact when you are actually only talking out of your ass. I'm not convinced that so many people are really that ignorant and you haven't said anything to the contrary that would prove your point.

"Give me a break with all of this prejudice stuff."

People already give too many breaks with this "prejudice stuff" (as you not-so-aptly put it), and in case you haven't noticed, that's a BIG part of the problem! Prejudice is a huge issue, and if it's not, then it SHOULD be. It's also just a little too easy to whine about not wanting to hear people complain that they're being prejudiced against when YOU're not one of them!

"Who freakin cares about the fact that Melissa made some comments about having Alabama plates."

According to the comments, at least a few people DO care about it, me being one of them. Just because YOU don't care doesn't mean that no one else does or that no one else should, especially when you're not even one of the people being prejudiced against.

"People, you really need to lighten up. Or maybe you should go talk to your therapist about how everyone in the world is unfair..."

*Claps my hands dryly.* Bravo! I would call that comment about the therapist a wise crack, but that would be giving it more credit than it's actually worth. What you just said was nothing more than a b****y comment derived from absolutely nothing that was said in any of the arguments. Those people are complaining about what Melissa said about Alabamans, nothing else. If you are really that bothered by our comments and feel such a need to exaggerate them, then perhaps you are the one in need of a therapist.

This also just goes to prove the others' point about how if anyone ever dares to complain about something nasty that was said about them, certain other people will automatically accuse them of being too sensitive. Why do you act as if people shouldn't speak up when they've been insulted? Just because YOU don't think it's a big deal, when you're not even from the place that's being prejudiced against? I'm sorry, but your opinion is NOT the only one that counts, nor is it any model of correctness. Melissa has offended some of her fans, whether you support them in their taking offence to it or not, and telling her how they feel about what she said them is actually constructive feedback, which is more than what can be said for any of YOUR comments. Melissa, like anyone else, makes mistakes and she happened to make a mistake here. Even if she doesn't apologize for her remarks, I would like to think that she values her fans and is intelligent enough not to make the same mistake again in the future now that she knows how she made some of her readers feel the last time. That's constructive criticism which will help her to be a better writer.

These people are complaining to Melissa because they are/were her fans and they were insulted by what she said--you're only complaining and making overly-nasty, smart-alecky comments just because you don't want to hear anyone else voice their feelings on the matter when it contradicts what you think. Well, you don't have any right to decide for anyone else what should be a big deal or what shouldn't--people will decide for themselves what is important to them--and when it all boils down to it, it's really none of your business. Do yourself a favor and stop being a bigot, because thankfully, not everyone thinks the same way YOU do. Other people are entitled to their opinions, their feelings, and their complaints, and if you don't like that, then don't read the comments. Believe it or not, it really is that simple.

blellen said...

Excuse me? How am I a bigot? Please tell me where, in the few sentences I wrote, did I demonstrate that I am a bigot? And do you realize, per your own argument, that you are defending Melissa's right to having her own opinion (even if it is about Alabama plates). You do realize that we are talking about license plates here...on a blog.
Oh and by the way don't think I missed your condescending tone. Yes, I agree that some of my comments may not have been very sensitive but I also believe that some folks on this board, yourself included, are being a little oversensitive on this issue. And, as you said, I am entitled to my opinion.
And you made quite a few "overly nasty, smart alecky" comments (including calling me a bigot with no reason to do so) so if I were you I would climb down off that high horse.

Anonymous said...

Why do people think they can come on here and call others bigots??? Blellen never said anything that would make her a bigot- who does that person think they are? They want Melissa to apologize for comments on her blog but then they are insulting other people on here? How ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

But, what I've realized is that, even though people hate you and drive against you when you're behind the wheel of a yellow cab, you still at least get a little bit of respect. The car I've been driving lately is quite possibly the least respected car on the road: a white Volvo station wagon with motherfucking ALABAMA license plates. Shit, I don't even respect myself when I'm driving that thing. It's just embarrassing.

The worst part is, my sensibilities and ego are so offended by the other dickhead drivers, mainly because I know they think I'm some hick driver from down south.

Main Entry: prej·u·dice :
2 a (1) : preconceived judgment or opinion (2) : an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge b : an instance of such judgment or opinion c : an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics


I just think you are a sad person who judges an entire group of people based entirely on disparaging stereotypes.

Anonymous said...


Since you obviously have no idea what bigot actually means, let me introduce you to Merriam-Webster:

One entry found for bigot.

Main Entry: big·ot
Pronunciation: 'bi-g&t
Function: noun
Etymology: French, hypocrite, bigot
: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

That is what it means to be a bigot. When you agree with Melissa that people from the south are hicks and that they in turn deserve no respect, you take part in regional prejudice and help define yourself as a bigot.

What is interesting is the lack of insults and hateful sterotypes being thrown back to people from New York. Just because you don't like being called a bigot does not automatically mean you aren't one. If a person defends a prejudiced persons bigotry then what does that make one?

Anonymous said...

blellen said...

Excuse me? How am I a bigot? Please tell me where, in the few sentences I wrote, did I demonstrate that I am a bigot?

Here is a definition of the word bigot:

BIGOT, n. One who is obstinately and zealously attached to an opinion
that you do not entertain.
-- From THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY ((C)1911 Released April 15 1993)

Here is another definition of the word bigot:
2. A person who regards his own faith and views in matters of religion as unquestionably right, and any belief or
opinion opposed to or differing from them as unreasonable or wicked. In an extended sense, a person who is intolerant of opinions which conflict with his own, as in politics or morals; one obstinately and blindly devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion.
[1913 Webster]

To doubt, where bigots had been content to wonder
and believe. --Macaulay.
[1913 Webster]
So, in effect, by standing and defending what Melissa said and dismissing any complaint concerning those statements, you demonstrated a bigoted attitude.

And do you realize, per your own argument, that you are defending Melissa's right to having her own opinion (even if it is about Alabama plates). You do realize that we are talking about license plates here...on a blog.

But maybe you could stop and put yourself in anothers shoes for a little bit. Is it really just about a license plate? Or does the remark about that license plate say a little more? Melissa straight up said she was embarressed to be seen in a car with "motherfucking ALABAMA" tags. Now why would she be that embarressed? There is no need to beat around the bush on this and act all coy. It is about more than a license plate. It's about an ugly stereotype.

Oh and by the way don't think I missed your condescending tone. Yes, I agree that some of my comments may not have been very sensitive but I also believe that some folks on this board, yourself included, are being a little oversensitive on this issue. And, as you said, I am entitled to my opinion.

Then you agree to your demonstration of having a bigoted attitude as shown by the above definition of the word bigot.

And you made quite a few "overly nasty, smart alecky" comments (including calling me a bigot with no reason to do so)so if I were you I would climb down off that high horse.

1/30/2007 11:42 AM

Since you now should understand what the word means, maybe you should climb down off of yours. Also, in the future, mabye you could try to climb into another persons shoes before you attempt to nullify thier argument.


blellen said...

Thanks for the definition but I am well aware of what the word means. I am also knowledgable regarding prejudice and the implications of Melissa's statements if they were to be taken very seriously. The fact is that I think Melissa's statements were likely made in much the same way that folks here in NY complain about Jersey drivers for various reasons.

You seem to be just as intolerant of my opinions as you are claiming I am of yours. How about we agree to disagree; unless, that is, you want to risk being called a bigot yourself.
You are blowing this up into something that it does not need to be. Take some deep breaths, visualize a calm place, and relax....

george the atheist said...

I'm Alabamy bound
There'll be no "Heebie Jeebies"
hanging round,
Just gave the meanest ticket man
on earth all I'm worth
To put my tootsies in an upper
Just hear that choo-choo sound
I know that soon we're goin'
to cover ground
And then I'll holler so
the world will know
"Here I go"
I'm, Al-a-bamy bound.

Anonymous said...

Hey MP, I think NYH is a fine title for the book. I wouldn't sweat it too much. Glad you're doing well otherwise.

As for everyone making mountains out of molehills, go ahead & relax. Larry the Cable Guy is going to do a new special right before the next NASCAR event.

Anonymous said...

What is with people on here feeling the need to "educate" others by providing simple definitiions, etc. Do they really believe that they are so much smarter than others on here? It comes across as incredibly pretentious.

Anonymous said...

How about "Hack Chick, Making A Living As A NYC Cabbie"?

Anonymous said...

you seem fairly intelligent but why do you have to perpetuate such bad vibes? you prove that your no better than those you fact your worse because your blind to your own ignorance

Randall said...

Sweet Home Alabama,Where the skys are so Blue!

Randall said...

Sweet Home Alabama, Where the skies
are so blue!

Learn that Poem said...

...speaking of ignorance (post above me)... you're*

Anonymous said...

havent read the site for some time but let me tell you, that was one of your best posts.

here is a title for you "how to use your middle finger, tales of a taxi driver"

Anonymous said...

Learn that poem-

You made me laugh! It's nice to get a small dose of reality when everyone is so busy criticizing each other and trying to sound more intelligent. Thanks for that one!

Anonymous said...

How about "Passing some time"

Chris said...

I don't think the Alabama plates had anything to do with it. It is all the Volvo. We bought a Volvo wagon about a year ago, in Brooklyn, NY plates, and I don't drive slow or annoying. However, we consistently get railed by other drivers, NO RESPECT. Cut off, honked at, zoomed around, that thing where they ride your rear and swerve from side to side indicating their desire to pass you. Even if you are going 80, they see a Volvo and need to go 90. "New York Hack" is a good title.

Anonymous said...

Yep, move to Alabama

And buy a Glock 27.

Life will be far less stressful.

Gabe said...

write something please

Theresa said...

It seems that some people here believe that the internet is SRIUS BIZNSS. "Woe, I am so offended! U H8R! I don't like you no more, WAAH!"

Boo freaking hoo. Don't read, then.

I'm sure 10 other people have said it, (and I'm bet I don't need to tell you) -- I've been reading your blog for at least a year now, and I've found it a really fascinating perspective. You do what you need to do, and don't let any dumbarse people from "teh intarwebs o noez" get you down. \m/

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to make a note... someone said the MP probably doesn't even read the comments? Well moderation is enabled, so someone is reading them and posting them...

Carolyn Ann said...

Congratulations on the book. It's an accomplishment! Writing's harder than most people realize, so well done on getting to the end. And don't worry about the doubt. It'll be there for a long time! (I know... I just won't tell how). Cheery thought, hmm?

Don't worry about it. :-) You're doing fine!

Carolyn Ann

Anonymous said...

Well if she is taking the time to read the comments you would think she would take the time to update her blog more than once a month. I can't believe any of us even return to this site.

Anonymous said...

congrats on knowing how to use the dictionary anon, it doesn't stop you from being an idiot and looking too deep into comments.

hell I'd be embarrassed to be seen in that car, not because of the plates, but because of the CAR people.

I like how people jump on New Yorkers and claim we're bigots when several of the comments from other people in other states were just as bad, and worse, but that's ok because We're New York, we deserve it.

It's JUST a car people. Get over it? mmkay?

Anonymous said...

Ey watch this video:

Anonymous said...

While I've been a long time fan of your blog, I am disapointed in your lack of entries since you started your book. While I'm sure you may enjoy moderate success with it. Just be careful what you wish for as you might just get it. Keep yourself grounded......
Take care

Anonymous said...

i drive a yellow-cab too but my regular car is a beat up old nissan. many times when i’m driving, especially in the city, and ESPECIALLY around the jerseyans in the city, i can just feel the other cars saying ‘here’s a guy who’s cat we can totally kick!’.

what i like to do with those types is manipulate them just close to the line of their bravery, and then innocently deny them the entry anyway as if i was totally unaware of what was happening.

it’s fun to watch them get all bent out of shape. i especially know it worked when it’s something that anyone knows is wrong and obnoxious (like trying to use the inside of a turn to cut in front of you when you’re going wide), and but because they were so close to achieving the cutoff- they honk like mad for all their frustrated ambition. heh heh.

boywalkinginthewoods said...

i am reading you
sometime now
too shy to comment
too far to relate
still here though
just got the nerve
to do so

a friend
from the other side
of this world
saying hi

John said...

Come on Melissa 107 comments!. You must have news fror us now. Hows about writing your blog for Lent.

Anonymous said...

You have obviously forgotten about all of your fans. How foolish can you be when you're trying to write a book that will be bought by...hmmmm...your fans? Very strange.

R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

You have atleast ONE fan in Alabama. I won't go into the "we aren't as backwards as you might think" discussion because it's pointless with a New Yorker, and a woman at that. Right? I'm not saying you truly belong in Alabama, but you are always welcome. Come drive a cab here. Compared to NYC, you'd be bored in seconds I'm sure. Anyway, I love your blog and I'm looking forward to buying the book. :) Bubba

Beehive Hairdresser said...

I hope that you will one day have the time and mindset to blog again.

Other than that, when does your book come out?

Be well.

Anonymous said...

peek-a-boo! we can see you...are you coming back?

The Friendly Giver said...

Who gives a shit! Is your life so bereft of metaphysical meaning that you live vicariously through the scribblings of this mortal? Look in the mirror my friend and live your own blog.

theplayer said...

It is most certain that cab drivers in my country won't be able to turn their experiences into a book--let alone blogging. Your blog is such an eye-opening! :)

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Anonymous said...

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apparently a toothless Alabamian said...

Wow....glad to say I am FROM Alabama and I don't have to deal with jerks who think they they are the only ones in the world because they live in a fucking city. Stay in New York

No Smoking said...

huh, great!