Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I was sort of quoted in today's New York Post, in the "25 Things Every New Yorker Should Know" section.

The excerpt is here:
How to shortcut like a cabbie

Higgins of "Taxi Talk" and Melissa Plaut, editor of the cabbie-themed, recommend a few favorite routes to save time and hit the coveted sea of greens:

Shortcut One: If there's traffic on the way to JFK Airport, take the back route through Brooklyn (Bushwick to Pennsylvania to Atlantic to Conduit Avenue).

Shortcut Two: If the goal is to cruise uptown during the day, take 10th Avenue uptown for 40 or 50 blocks, which is better than grinding it out on Eighth Avenue.

Shortcut Three: If it's after 9 p.m. and you're commuting from the West Side to the Upper East Side, try 56th Street. The green lights are like ducks in a row.

The link is here if you want to read the whole thing.


Daniel said...

Rock on, MP! You are becoming a bona-fide NYC celebrity...

lacey said...

damn! thought I had the first comment. Love the blog!

Drunken Master said...

Along with the obviously excellent tips, good to know you're getting the publicity.

I'll keep in mind, since half of NY will know this, either through the site or the Post, not to take those routes anytime soon.

greg said...

The 'Post' in "New York Post" is an acronym for 'piece-of-shit tabloid'.

Brianne said...


Natalie said...

Nice to get some publicity.

avocadoinparadise said...

That is definately "sort of" a quote. More like a list attributed to ya.

And it's funny that they call you the editor. Sometimes I think the world at large just doesn't get how these blog thingys work. :)

greg said...

I forgot to mention that in the new issue of The Village Voice, there's an article about the sliminess involved in the city government's process to bring to cabs LCD displays for passengers that will also process credit cards and do other stuff. It mentions an advocacy group for drivers, the Taxi Workers' Alliance.

Mabs said...

Great to see you get some recognition! Sad part is, if all of NY knows about them, there goes the effectiveness of said shortcuts.

Keep up the great work with the blog! I enjoy reading about your exploits.

Joann said...

I have to be careful with some customers, when I try a "Shortcut" they think I'm trying to pull a fast one on them. They say things like, you did hear me say Santa Clara Street didn't you? Most of the time I keep my sneaky back road tricks to myself to use when I'm in the cab alone.

Artie. said...

DAMNIT!!!! Now everyone who's read The Post will know the shortcuts, causing more people to think the same, take the same routes and thus causing more traffic!!! GHAAAA it never ends!

Sicilian said...

I see a Letterman appearance coming on. . . .

Caitlin said...

How exciting!

BBC said...

They are timed? Over here in podunk they all have sensors in the street and just seem to go to sleep when the traffic is light. Or play with their little computer brains, or whatever in the hell it is that they do.

Anonymous said...

nice another filler post...

Anonymous said...

oh, i see that crazy old fart is still hanging around...2 up.

Katy said...

cool, the more publicity you get the more will buy your book (in addition to all your faithfull blog readers.

Sherry said...

I love it when people are pissed at "filler posts" as if this is their only source of entertainment...

Anonymous said...

Yeah... ditto the "filler" comment. Why bother?

Gidget Gossip said...

I actually keep a list of shortcuts and tips which is quickly turning into a book! Congrats on being heard in The Post! New Yorkers and out-of-towners will sure appreciate it!

butterflygirl said...


BAF said...

Great work! On one of my trips to LA I purchased a book 'LA Shortcuts' Maybe 'NY Shortcuts' can be the next Book!

Rock on...

Tanj said...

Just a little concerned that this is like the 3rd post offering your full name.

Very cool about the article and Congrats regardless.

MrFunkMD said...

yes, becuase informing the masses of your traffic secrets is always a good idea.

R2K said...

These are all pretty simple and well known ideas... But lucky for us most people still dont get them (the bad, slow, dangerous drivers).

Conduit still works, hopefully you guys wont go telling it all day.

And despite you and many of use knowing about Noco, Soco to get to the airport, it is shocking how many cheesecars still take the BQE. If it were not for the flat rate, I would be suspicious.

Maria said...


Brueklen d'Cannith said...

Arthur the Cabbie here (freuquent caller to JV and Elvis and The Radio Chick, formerly called Booker and JAke and Jackie..)

I've always found that Linden Blvd to Crossbay/Condiut tended to be a bit less traffic clogged then Atlantic, but thats just me.

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