Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here's my card

I had minor surgery yesterday, so I probably won't be working until Thursday night. Meanwhile, I forgot to mention in my last post that I happened to pick up the CEO of a very useful website that I've consulted in the past. It deals with city traffic and it's called Metrocommute.com. We both got so excited about our common interest (traffic, and how to avoid it) that I almost forgot to collect the taxi fare from him. He also gave me his business card so I could give him my opinion about his upcoming site redesign. This card is the newest addition to my business-cards-given-to-me-in-the-taxi collection. At some point along the way, I decided to save them, along with pamphlets and flyers, instead of just chucking them. Here is a list of some of the company names that have appeared on these souvenirs:

Amazing Builder, Inc.
DG2L Technologies
Knowledge Movers
Massage Therapist...at your service, Arturo (photocopied flyer)
Pre-Paid Legal Services: Protection... Security... Peace of Mind (pamphlet)
The Hetrick-Martin Institute, Home of the Harvey Milk High School
The Jewelry Queen, Designer Jewelry
Composer, Bassist, DJ, Multi-Instrumentalist (personal business card)
Moneyworx, Solutions for Today's Financial Needs
Makeup Artist (personal business card)
Flushing Town Hall, Flushing Council of Culture and the Arts
Deutsche Bank
Fountainhead Films
Swiss Effects
The Dead Betties (band flyer)
Affinia Dumont, An Executive Fitness Suite Hotel
Flashdancers Gentlemen's Club (handed to me by the doorman there as I dropped a passenger off in front)
NuTech Integrated Systems
Sly Bar
Guy Carpenter & Company
The Museum of Modern Art
Prudent Protection Service, Inc.


Michael Simon said...

bankers are maniacs.

Anonymous said...

Germans are maniacs.

girlbomb said...

I always pronounce "Deutsche Bank" like it's "Douche Bank."

This guy sounds like a real douche banker.

EverJack1 said...

Sigh..... Well, at least you got a good tip, and he didn't throw up in your cab..... :p


Jess said...
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Anonymous said...

i know the jerelry queen shes a character isnt she

MJ06 said...

Man people are weird some times.

Anonymous said...

deutsche bank is pronounced Doy-Cha bank

Gilighan Qabi said...

Once I had an Australian family on their way to MoMA in the cab, and after some friendly discourse, they handed me a business card that said Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. I was excited that a representative of the Australian government had invited me over to surf their couch whenever my world travels bring me there.

Anonymous said...

I did give NY Hack my business card. (I remember because I seldom do business with cab drivers.) He said he wanted to get out of the hack business, and I happened to know many people in his desired field who could help him get the training and experience he needed.

How disappointing that NY Hack failed to follow up.

What sad evidence of wasted lives and wasted talent!