Monday, August 29, 2005

Nothing to be done.

Waiting for the day drivers to bring the cabs back. It's like a little social club, complete with soda, TV, A.C., couches, and Taxitronic.

But Sundays are slow.


Anonymous said...

This is cool. I like the day-to-day type photos of the garage and the drivers who inhabit it. Particularly enjoyed the shots of ms. pacman of the driver's lounge.

amanti27 said...

keep the pics coming! You've created something unique here Casino On Net

Gilighan Qabi said...

That garage looks so much cozier that J & I Maintenance, where I lease from. We have no lounge, no couches, and not nearly enough lockers for all the drivers. But we have camaraderie among the drivers, dispatchers, and some of the mechanics. It's a real family atmosphere, juxtaposed awkwardly alongside the rest of Boerum Hill.